“Learn The Secrets of Making Better Pizza In Your Own Kitchen Than You Can Buy At The Pizzeria”

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ream of a heavenly slice of New York style pizza – with golden brown crust baked to perfection, crisp outside, chewy inside – topped with a secret blend of zesty tomato sauce, brimming with flavorful melted cheeses and your favorite toppings ... That’s AMORE!

But don’t head for New York City. The best pizzeria in town is your own kitchen. Are you saying, “MY kitchen?” Yes, you can outshine your favorite pizzeria in your own home kitchen with to-die-for pizzas any day of the week. Your spouse, children, and friends will take one bite and know they’re in Pizza Heaven.

"Combo Pizza"

Hi – My name is Bev Collins, and I worked in Pizza Research for one of the great pizza companies and traveled across the USA – and around the world – eating my weight in pizza!

I've helped people make better pizza in countries as diverse as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, Peru, and Germany.

Take the finest producers of every pizza product made – I’ve been to their inner sanctum where they’ve spilled their secrets ... the cheesemakers, flour millers, sauce canners – well, you get the picture – and I kept my eyes open. I know secrets that even the best in the pizza industry don’t know. And it’s time to tell.

“Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria”
is an 80 page instructional eBook course that is instantly downloadable plus a one hour instructional video viewable online. NO DVD OR HARD COVER BOOK WILL BE SHIPPED IN THE MAIL.

It’s not about finding one more pizza recipe in a magazine or on the Internet. (Have you ever noticed they all look alike?) The problem is: They just don’t work. Know what I mean? You end up with yet one more homemade pizza that is just okay – maybe even good – but not what you were looking for. Disappointment once again.

You’ve probably figured it out - it’s not the recipe. It’s in the ingredients and techniques! Miss that and you miss everything.

I’ll show you all you need to know and where to get everything you need to make the best pizza right at home.

      Secrets From Inside The Pizzeria
“Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria” eBook - 80 pages. Downloadable immediately after your order.

When I say show, I do mean show too! When you purchase my step by step pizza making course – “Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria” – you’ll also get instant access to my 1 hour pizza making video free.

See the best ingredients and how to prepare them, mixing the dough to the right consistency, creating your very own Secret Sauce (it’s fun – even a beginner can do it), blending the cheeses, and secrets for placing the toppings. It’s much easier to throw and spin the dough when you see someone do it and tell you exactly where to put your hands and arms.

"Classic Pepperoni"

People tell me that after they view the video, they say, “I think I can do this.” And then they do! Play the video below to hear more.


In “Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria” you will learn:

   Where to find the “secret ingredients” you can’t buy at the grocery store.
  The never-before published techniques of Manhattan’s famous New York pizza makers.
  The secret of knowing exactly when your dough is “perfect” (plus how to toss the dough like a pro)!
  Why you should never put your pizza dough on a pan. Plus the secret piece of equipment you must put in your oven that will make a world of difference in the quality of your pizza.
  Why the secret of great pizza is NOT in the sauce (but we’ll give you our sauce secrets too).
  Cheese blend secrets (and why pizzerias often skimp on cheese)
  How to make your family and friends exclaim that your pizza is the best pizza they have ever eaten.
  Why you should never use chlorinated (city water) when making your pizza (and the 110° rule).
  Sources for finding the best pizza ingredients you can buy in bulk. Get the best for less!
  The “sea salt” difference.
  Our secret “licorice” tasting ingredient. This one will surprise you.
  Why you must “unlearn” everything you’ve learned about making bread.
  The one thing you must do prior to baking your pizza (this will make your pizza great).
  How to turn your kitchen into the best pizza place in town!

Here are some comments from people (including some who we invited to call in and share their story) who have tried “Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria.”

"Your Pizza Course Is A Textbook For A Doctor's Degree In Pizza Making "
—Ron, Mississippi


I have made 2 batches of dough and your secret sauce so far. Both have turned out wonderfully. I found the flour at a restaurant food wholesaler and paid $11 for 26#.

I have made dough by hand, in the bread machine using many, many different recipes for the dough and countless recipes for the sauce and the first time I made yours right out of the "book," it beat them all hands down.

My wife and I have watched your DVD 3 times because there is too much to learn on one listening: and we aren't stupid people since we both have Doctors degrees - your pizza course is a textbook for a doctor's degree in pizza making. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us all!”

"The Very First Pizza I Made After Watching Your Video Was A Great Success, Far Exceeding My Expectations, And My Family's Expectations"
— Brian, Chino Hills, California
“Hi Beverly, this is Brian Dreiling from Chino Hills, California. Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Secrets From Inside The Pizzeria" book and video. I have tried for years to make a decent pizza, and either the sauce or the crust — or both — were disappointing. Needless to say, I was very excited to try your method of pizza making. The very first pizza I made after watching your video was a great success, far exceeding my expectations, and my family's expectations. I am now a pizza-making rock star!”

"Your Book And DVD Are What I Have Been Searching For All These Years. I Am Confident That I Will Soon Be Able To Make A Real Pizza At Long Last!"
— Christopher, California

“Dear Beverly,

I am a 77 year old retired photographer born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. I had my first pizza when I was about 14 or 15 and, like so many good things in life, I didn't really know what a good thing I had until I didn't have it anymore.

I moved my wife and four children to California in 1965 and was appalled at what passed for pizza on the West Coast. I searched out and tried many different pizza recipes, but there just wasn't anything to compare to the New York pizzas of my youth.

But then, along came Beverly K. Collins. Your book and DVD are what I have been searching for all these years. I am confident that I will soon be able to make a real pizza at long last!”

"I'm New To Pizza Making And I've Already Made Two Winners Relying On Your DVD"
— Bill, Phoenix, Arizona
“Hi Bev, this is Bill Little from Phoenix, Arizona. I just wanted you to know that I think your video presentation is wonderful. I'm new to pizza making and I've already made two winners relying on your DVD. One was a Chicago style, and the other was a New York style. My wife thinks the crust on the New York style is the best she's ever had — and since I made it, how can I disagree! So thanks very much!”

"It Beats Gino’s East In Chicago, A World Famous Place"
— Wayne, Montana

“Hi Bev,

I just made the best pizza I have ever tasted. And I’m one picky SOB! I simple can’t believe it. I don’t think it can get any better than this, at least to my taste. It beats Gino’s East in Chicago, a world famous place.

Just prior to making your pizza, I called my local bread class retailer called Shar’s Bosch Kitchen and she totally dismissed all your claims about protein/gluten and said it’s all wrong and that I need to take her bread & cooking classes! I being a gentleman politely ended the conversation & started making a dough, from what you said would work. I still can’t believe how good it turned out!”

"My First Attempt At Your Technique Was Flawless. I Was Sitting In Front Of My Keyboard Eating A Slice Of New York Pizza That I Made In My Arizona Kitchen!"
— Sandi, Mesa, Arizona

“Hi Bev, this is Sandi Miller from Mesa, Arizona. I just wanted to let you know that I have been trying in vain to make a real New York style pizza since 1987, when my best friend and I traveled to New York and discovered this little taste of heaven. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, because you made it seem so easy and I thought "what could you possibly know that I didn't learn in the last 20 years?" But I have to tell you, my first attempt at your technique was flawless. I was sitting in front of my keyboard eating a slice of New York pizza that I made in my Arizona kitchen. If I could see you right now, I would hug you! Thank you so much. ”

P.S. My husband and kids thank you, too! Here's a picture of me and my artichoke/red onion pizza. Delicious! These are my husband's favorite toppings.”

"Now That My Own Pizza Is So Incredible, I Don't Have To Travel To Enjoy Authentic NY Pizza!"
— Karin, North Dakota

“I did have pizza in Manhattan eventually, but my first NY pizza was in upstate. It was just as good in Buffalo believe it or not! I was lucky enough to ask the right person on the street where to go for good pizza and I wasn't disappointed.

I've been raving about NY pizza ever since and search out good pizzerias when I travel, no matter where that may be. But now that my own pizza is so incredible, I don't have to travel to enjoy authentic NY pizza! I can't tell you what a gift that is to me. I feel kind of silly getting so excited about it, but I just can't help myself--IT'S SO GOOD!”

"Perfect Crust, Perfectly Cooked, Perfectly Done ... Just Perfect All Around."
— Paul, Michigan


“I've been trying to make pizza for years and it kept getting better every time but that perfect crust always eluded me. Every time we ate pizza out I was tempted to work in a pizzeria for a day just to find out what I was doing wrong. Turns out I was using the right ingredients but my technique
was a dead end.

I don't purchase much online but the ad for your DVD got me. I followed your instructions to the letter and my pizza came out perfect first time! "WOW! You got it!" were my wife's first words. Perfect crust, perfectly cooked, perfectly done...just perfect all around. I'm attaching photos of the crust before and after baking so you can see.

As soon as I handled the proofed dough I knew it was very different. Thanks for the secrets. That was the best money spent in a long time. I live in the Detroit area and there's a pretty good selection of pizzas but I'll never eat pizza out again!”

"I Have Purchased Some Pretty Crazy Things In My Life Time, So When I Saw Your Ad, I Said What The Heck. Your Service Was Great"
— Brandon, Florida

“Let me start off by saying that I was brought up in New Jersey where some of the best Mom and Pop Pizzerias are. I moved to Atlanta over 25 years ago, moved to Destin, Florida in the beautiful Panhandle, and went without real pizza until now. I had, many times attempted to make my own. I even got some dough from the Publix store. Still no good.

I have purchased some pretty crazy things in my life time, so when I saw your ad, I said what the heck. Your service was great, but your video was even better. I got the flour and put together the dough just the way you instructed. And waited. My brother came to visit from North Carolina and wanted in on the action. I guess that I bragged about the outcome before it happened. Faith.

Beverly, the crust was everything that I missed for all those years! I made the sauce just the way you said, spicing it the way I liked it. I did add a little white Cheddar like you suggested. This pie was sent from heaven and so were you! Since then I've made two more with the same results, and also I've used the dough for some Calzones. Great! Thanks again.”

"My Friends Could Not Believe That This Was A Homemade Pizza"
— Frank, Texas

“I was very anxious to try this new technique and recipe. I have been making pizza at home for quite awhile and am always interested in trying a new recipe for dough. So when I saw your recipe and claim, I thought that this is just another chef claiming to have the perfect recipe for home pizza.

The pizzas were ready very quickly and I was very pleased when I took them from the oven. The crusts were crisp and after cutting they were perfect on the inside as well. This was the BEST pizza that I have ever made!! Since then I have made a few more batches, making a barbecue chicken; a sausage, mushroom and black olive; and a vegetarian. They all came out as delicious as the first one that I made - DELICIOUS!

My friends could not believe that this was a homemade pizza, although I get that all the time because I love to cook and share and I guess they find it hard to believe that a man can cook. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in developing this recipe and technique. I am going to enjoy my homemade pizzas even more from now on.”

"I'm A Visual Person And Your Video Is Done So Well That It Was One Of Those "AH-HA!" Moments For Me"
— Stephanie, Vermont

“I'm a visual person and your video is done so well that it was one of those "AH-HA!" moments for me. I practically fell down the stairs rushing to the kitchen to get started after I finished the video.

Incidentally, it was about 6:30 a.m. when I finished watching it and my groggy husband heard ladies' voices and was afraid to come out of the bedroom--he thought I had early morning guests. Then he realized it was "pizza talk" and he just rolled his eyes and went back to sleep. Let me tell you he wasn't rolling his eyes when that first pizza came out from the oven!”

"Hundreds Of Pizzas Were Made By Me And All Of Them Fell Short Until Tonight! Your Video Was My Holy Grail"
— Donnie, Michigan

“I took your advice and changed the way I was attempting to make pizza. All I can say is that I am indebted to you for all your efforts. My quest started almost five years ago - hundreds of pizzas were made by me and all of them fell short until tonight! Your video was my Holy Grail. The key of course is the flour and low and slow. I had searched the internet many times in the last few years looking for guidance and lucky for me and my family we found you! I'm forever grateful.”

"I Will Be Able To Have New York Pizza In Peoria, Illinois"
— James, Illinois

“We used your method and it worked great, especially for my first time. I have tried for years to get close to N.Y. pizza crust. But after years of trying to tweak this and that I even brought back some New York City water. I just about came to the conclusion that I could not do a thin and chewy crust. Using your secrets I got closer than ever before. I still need to work a bit on the sauce. Once I do that I will be able to have NY pizza in Peoria, Illinois. Thanks so much. The info was well worth the investment.”

"There Is No Way I Can Ever Purchase Pizza Again"
— Steven, California

“Here is the problem: MY own "Secret Sauce" using your techniques, and the dough my wife made using your recipe and the correct flour...well there is no way I can ever purchase a pizza again...the ones we make are flat out better tasting, better looking...what is wrong with that? Well, now I can't share with my children the experience of going to a pizzeria. There is some good news! I now get to share with my family an even better tradition, that of making our own “better” pizzas.”

"I Think I’m Addicted After My First Pizza!"
— Suzanne, California

“I’ve been making homemade pizza for 37 years (since I was 16) and I thought my pizza was very good, and in fact, I preferred it to all the pizzerias that I’ve tried in Southern California. My family and friends raved about my pizza. But, like all good cooks (not a conceited thought), I’m always looking to get it just a little bit better. I came across your web site when I was searching the Internet for a pizza stone figuring I would try using a stone the next time I made pizza. I read your info and thought what the heck, I’ll give it a try… although I was a bit skeptical.

Wednesday night I made my first “Secrets From Inside the Pizzeria” pizza. I am amazed at the results – I think I’m addicted after my first pizza! My husband took one bite, his whole face light up, and he said “wow, this is the best I've ever had.”

Thanks for sharing your recipe and techniques… I’m a believer!”

"Thank You For Sharing This Data With Me. I Consider This A Great Find"
— Bill, Kentucky

“This was not my first pizza as I considered myself a good pizza maker. I used your recipes and I must tell you that I was very impressed with the results. The pizza was great and I finally feel that I can exceed the pizza parlors in the preparation of this great dish. Thank you for sharing this data with me. I consider this a great find. As you know, making the dough is not difficult but a good workout. Pizza is and has always been a favorite meal and now I excel in its preparation. I even went out and bought a new Kitchen Aid Mixer. The dough hook takes all the work out of the dough preparation. Thank you again for the great information.”

"The Neighbors All Love Me Because There Was No Way I Could Eat All The Pizza I Was Producing"
— Bert "Chip", Washington

“My first pizza came out great! I used to live in south Chicago and I frequented a pizza establishment called Freddie’s on 31st street near Halstead. I loved their pizza. The first pizza I made was pretty close to Freddies. Each pizza thereafter got me even closer. Now I think I have it spot on. The neighbors all love me cause there was no way I could eat all that pizza I was producing in my pursuit for a 31st pizza. Thanks so much. I had been struggling for so many years with lackluster results. There is one problem though, now all the neighbors want my pizza because they say its better than anything here in Spokane, WA. I'll keep working on finessing it to perfection.”

"Thanks So Much For Your Time And Sharing Some Trade Secrets With Us"
— Cathie, Oregon

“Well, my pizza is just a big hit, plus homemade and lower in price. Your video was very informative and I enjoyed it a lot. I like the DVD because I can have my laptop in the kitchen and just play the parts that I need to refer back to. Your video really answered my questions and made me consider some others and when all is said and done, I'm just enjoying myself creating new pizza combinations. I've also made Stromboli and Calzones from the dough. Thanks so much for your time and sharing some trade secrets with us. Now when I come home from work at 2 or 3 in the morning I can whip up a fresh pizza and enjoy. (I did that last night) Again thanks for sharing your pizza knowledge.

"Bev, I Have To Say For The Small Price I Paid For Your Video And It's Information, You Have Saved Me Countless Hours Trying To Bake A Pizza That I Truly Love"

— Gordy, Vancouver B.C.

“Well, I must say that every thing you have said regarding the quality of the finished product was true. I was totally amazed on how the pie turned out. The crust was every bit as tasty as you stated in your video. I live in a area that has many choices for pizza, but none hold a candle to what I can produce in my own home - well there may be one and he's an old timer. As to the sauce, well I have come up with a unique flavor that is just out of this world. It's funny that the family is already in line before the pizza comes out of the oven. Bev, I have to say for the small price I paid for your video and it's information, you have saved me countless hours trying
to bake a pizza that I truly love. I would urge anyone who loves New York style pizza, this is the way to go...Thanks Beverly.”

"I've Been On A 40 Year Search For The Right Recipe And My Search Finally Ended When I Stumbled Across Your Web Site And Ordered Your Wonderful Secrets From Inside the Pizzeria."

— Victoria, Ohio

“I've always known that the secret to great pizza was the dough.....the crust......the foundation. I've been on a 40 year search for the right recipe and my search finally ended when I stumbled across your web site and ordered your wonderful "Secrets From Inside the Pizzeria." You are angels sent from heaven.....I guess the good Lord figured I had put in the time and now deserved the reward. My very first pizza using your secrets was sooooooooooo incredible!!! It was difficult for me to wait the two days for the dough to proof, but it was worth every looooooooooooong minute!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your many years of experience and your pizza know-how with us pizza lovers of the world. You deserve to make a million dollars......I hope you have!!!!! ;-)”

"You Have Saved Us A Ton Of Money (At Least $100 A Month) And Solved A Mystery That Has Been Plaguing Me For Years"

— Monica, Oklahoma

“Just made my first pizza using your technique last night....WOW! Everyone absolutely loved it...The crust was perfect, just like our favorite pizza joint and the sauce was even better...Loved the cheese suggestions too. Thank you so much...You have saved us a ton of money (at least $100 a month) and solved a mystery that has been plaguing me for years! Thanks Again...We love you!!”

"Look Out World, Here I Come!"
— "The Old Man"

“Well, I'm 75 and I have been fooling with these things for about 50 years since the children loved them from the beginning, and cooking in general has always been my hobby of choice. I had brainwashed myself into believing you had to have a wood fired brick oven to emulate the commercial guys. However, when I was surfing and found your page I thought I'd give it a try. I had just finished building my first pizza and discovered the so called "bread baking technique" I had been using was, as you said, absolutely backwards. The results were gratifying, the sauce was really good but I need to get the hang of handling the dough since I had been using the rolling pin (gasp) and slow rise technique. Thus far spinning and handling the dough as you do in your DVD has produced quite a few seldom used four and five letter words. So, onward and upward. "Look out World, here I come!" If you ever get here to big 'A,' LMK and I'll have you show me the handling mechanics of fooling with dough. Bring your Old Man along, too. We'll have a ball. The Old Man”

"I Have Been Making Pizza Since 1972 And This Takes The Cake"
— Del, California

“Have been making pizza since last Saturday and again tonight. You do the work and I get all the credit. The product is very good. I have been making pizza since 1972 and this takes the cake. A big Italian man from Falbrook CA used to come here and showed me how to make it - sauce and all - but it does not come close to this.”

"The Best First Attempt Ever. The Dough Sparkled."
— Chas, Delaware

“I have been making pizza for decades. I started with the Chef Boy-ardee thing in grade 7, 1967 and discovered via a pamphlet from Mazola cooking oil a recipe for pizza crust. It worked for a long time. Getting to the point, my first pizza with the information about the flours and the methods used was brilliant. The bit about treating pizza dough completely different from bread dough was a key statement. I acquired the pizza flour mentioned in your course. My brother was visiting from Bermuda, where you can’t get good pizza. He was excited and I wasn’t sure his expectations would be met. Well, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I became when I started handling the floured dough. I knew from previous experience that “This Was It!” – the dough I was looking for all these years.

I began tossing it around with confidence because it never threatened to tear. Soft and durable. Now that’s a bit of a paradox, but I’m trying to explain as well as your pizza course did. On to the peel and was smothered with San Marino tomatoes from Italy, some caramelized onions, porchetta, black olives, mozzarella, provolone, friulano, and white cheddar cheeses, portabella and crimini mushrooms. Parmesani Reggiani was grated on top. Into the oven. The best first attempt ever. The dough sparkled. It had those big bubbles that pizzeria pizzas get. Some people puncture them, but I think they have a unique texture and add character. The best feeling about the whole thing was participation in the kitchen: the pizza party helping with the build and the anticipation of the creation. Have you ever looked at someone when they are biting into a slice of pizza? You see their eyes above a smiling crust. So in the end I offer further proof that pizza makes you smile! You have to form a smile to bite a slice. Thanks Bev for all your info and follow up inquiries.”

"I Have Enjoyed Knowing The Secrets"
— Larry, Iowa

“I have enjoyed knowing “the secrets.” I also have obtained good results with this flour making my San Francisco sourdough bread. I have also included some of my starter in the pizza dough and have had good results. As for your teachings, the flour makes a great dough and I feel the money spent was worth it to get this information. I also found the sauce recipe very useful. I was using too much garlic and I was afraid to use that much hot stuff in fear of making my wife cranky. The sauce is quite hot when tasting it out of the pot but as a sauce on the pizza, it is great!”

"After This Short Time, You Have Already Dispelled Some Of The Myths Under Which I Was Brought Up. I Dare Say That Most Of The Cooks In America Are In The Same Boat"
— Kathleen, Missouri

“Thank you so much for the great information you have provided. I have already learned so much and expect it to only get better as we go along. It is turning out to be much more than I had expected. Especially the fact that you obviously care whether or not we enjoy the course and gain helpful knowledge from it. My family really loves pizzas and mine have not been the best in the past. When I finish working with your course I fully expect to be an expert. After this short time, you have already dispelled some of the myths under which I was brought up. I dare say that most of the cooks in America are in the same boat. The good part is, I will be stepping out of that boat very soon....thanks to you.”

You Are Right On The Money When You Say The Dough Is The Most Important Part. My Pizza Is Outstanding Now."

— Joe, Florida

“Hello and thank you for the great DVD. The sauce you give is good, but I'm Sicilian so I changed it a little. But my Grandmother, who is not with us anymore, made the best home-made pizza ever. Her secret, she always told me, was the dough. I'm sorry I was too young to listen and learn from her. But your dough is the closest, and the best I ever made. Thank you very much. You are right on the money when you say the dough is the most important part. My pizza is outstanding now. Thank you. I will keep trying to make the perfect pizza, and your DVD has helped me very much. Thank you again.”

"Your Program Taught Me Things I Didn't Know About Making Pizza And The Results Are Outstanding."

— Jim, Washington

“Since purchasing "Secrets From Inside the Pizzeria" I have made 6 pizzas. Each has been better than the last and I am exceedingly happy with the results. I have tried to perfect my own pizza for the last 50 years. My first slice of pizza was on a visit to New York in 1957. I fell in love with pizza and have been buying at various pizza parlors and making my own ever since. I had all the equipment you mentioned and felt I made a very good pizza. Your program taught me things I didn't know about making pizza and the results are outstanding. Thanks to you I feel I am on the verge
of making "my" perfect pizza. (my grandchildren love it too). Thanks.”

"As Soon As I Watched Your Video It All Fell Into Place And All Of My Questions Were Answered"

— Michael, Colorado

“I have been studying pizza for over three years and had made a lot of progress. As soon as I watched your video it all fell into place and all of my questions were answered. I can and have made better pizza than my favorite pizza Candelaris. The owner is a fifth generation Italian specialty sausage maker, so I can buy his product and put it on my own pizza. The crust is everything you said it would be. Made six pizzas for my shift crew at the plant and they said it was the best ever. So needless to say I am one more extremely satisfied customer. The veggie pizza which allows the crust to get top billing is the best. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. It was worth every penny!”

"I Made Pizza For My Family And They Thought It Was Fantastic."
— Maria, Arizona

“Your pizza recipe is one of the most outstanding bits of information I’ve ever purchased. I made pizza for my family and they thought it was fantastic. Your recipes were concise and supplies of flour are located at a military commissary nearby.”

"My Class Is Actually On Finger Foods And Pizza Was Not Part Of The Agenda But I Wanted Them To Experience It"

— Bob, Illinois

“I made another pizza last night so that it would be ready when my students arrived. The previous week I informed the students about the differences in flours. My class is actually on finger foods and pizza was not part of the agenda but I wanted them to experience it. They went crazy over it. One student took some home to her teenage son who said it was the best pizza he ever had. We prepared five other appetizers last night and, of course, people eat as we go so there is quite a bit of food. I had planned on taking pizza in this morning to co-workers. There was nothing left to bring in. Thought you would like to know.”

"My Son Is A Chef Here In NYC. My Son And I Watched The DVD And He Kept Saying Go Back, Go Back, Let Me See That Again."

— Tony, New York

“First I will tell you how passionate I feel about pizza. I'm writing this on SuperBowl Sunday waiting for the game to start. Pizza is definitely on the menu, as is a homemade Italian sausage on a homemade roll, homemade meatballs, ribs and (I can't wait) lemon chiffon pie, chocolate peanut butter pie and my Mom's apple pie.

Now...thank you for the video, and eBook. You can always learn more stuff about pizza. My son is a chef here in NYC. My son and I watched the DVD and he kept saying go back, go back, let me see that again. With everything that I know, and I thought I knew, I learned more stuff about pizza from your DVD. I followed your sauce making technique and I like it. The sauce that I've been making is a little heavy on the oregano and garlic. I like your approach. I want to thank you again, and also for the resources.”

"I Could Make Some $$ With These Pies!"

— Tom, Vermont

“The last one was by far the best pizza I've ever made (and I've made hundreds of them). The dough was room temp and rolled out nicely. I'm making more dough today and will shorten the mixing time and the amount of flour. My office manager Christy thought the pizza was great. It was very simple: mozzarella cheese, homemade Canadian bacon, fresh parmesan cheese. FYI, I use a pizza sauce called Don Pepino (I have to order it online). Best I've ever tasted. I could make some $$ with these pies!”

"Thank You For Starting Us On A New Cooking Adventure"

— Susan, Arizona

“I am so impressed that you take a personal interest in your customers! This is my first experience with someone who really cares about their customers' use of their product, other than a "customer service" situation where you can call to return something that was not what it was advertised to be. HOW REFRESHING!! I ate the remaining piece of my half of the pizza this evening as a snack. I put mushrooms and black olives as well as pepperoni on my half. My husband only likes pepperoni and black olives. It was still delicious a day after cooking - even cold. Thank you for starting us on a new cooking adventure.”

"I Came Across Yours And Decided To Give It A Try. And Sure Enough The Very First Thing On The DVD Was The Flour - Ahah! I Knew It!"

— Jim, Montana

“I received the DVD and have watched it 6 or 7 times. It far surpassed any expectations I had, because as you know, you can get some pretty lousy stuff off the Internet. The DVD is great! What interested me in the DVD was the fact that when I was a young kid growing up in and around the Philadelphia area, I worked in a pizza place. I started out as delivery and worked my way to manager in a year or so. I knew everything about everything except the pizza dough and sauce. When the pizza dough was made, I had to leave the back of the store until it was finished - that was a family secret - and the same with the sauce. Over the last couple of years, I have tried to replicate that pizza in the kitchen, without much success. My poor family. Although they said some of the pizzas were good, and they were, I was not satisfied because the crust just wasn't what I remembered as a kid.

You see I also delivered newspapers and one of my customers was an Italian New York Style pizza parlor and they always had a slice waiting for me when I delivered the paper. Anyway, for the past two years I struggled to perfect the dough, but just couldn't get it. I knew it had to be one ingredient that wasn't right and I always suspected the flour. I searched the internet high and low, and all of the recipes were the same as I was using, but not one would give specifics. Then I came across yours and decided to give it a try. And sure enough the very first thing on the DVD was the flour - Ahah! I knew it! Also good tip on the food processor regarding temperature - I didn't realize that would have an effect, but now that I know, it makes sense. Thanks again.”

"The Biggest Improvement Trick For Me Was Using The Screen For Initial Pizza Cooking And Making My Own Sauce And Cheese Blends"

— Dave, Massachusetts

“My pizza making has improved greatly! My pizza dough recipe has always been pretty good & is pretty much the same as yours. The biggest improvement trick for me was using the screen for initial pizza cooking & making my own sauce & cheese blends. The screens now allow me to get the "perfect crust" every time. While tasting & blending sauces & cheeses before using them seems like a very basic thing, I never did it previously. Now it's the only way to go for me. Friends that join me for "Dave's Pizza Dinners" are amazed by both the quality & taste of my pizzas!”

"The Pizza Is So Good I Have Apologized To My Family And Friends For Serving Them Substandard Pizza Using My Old Dough Recipe"

— Jennifer, Maine

“I have been making pizza for a long time using bread flour and a slow rise method. I had the pizza peel, and have always baked them on a stone. Using the flour that you recommended made a tremendous difference in the quality of the pie. On a humorous note the pizza is so good I have apologized to my family and friends for serving them substandard pizza using my old dough recipe.”

"Thanks For Putting Together Your Program. It Is Great"

— Michael, Oregon

“I am the king of pizza in my neighborhood. Everyone is so impressed with my pizza skills. Have made three batches and am getting better each time. I love it. I had cancer of the throat this past summer and while I was not able to eat I developed a desire to learn to cook. Pizza is my first try and I am quire pleased. I have purchased all the goodies to make pizza and just have to practice on the crust. From your recipe my crusts are good. I just have to practice so they are great. Thanks for putting together your program. It is great.”

"Thanks To You, Your Video And Of Course The Flour, I Am In The Lead On Pizza Pies!"

— Jason, Pennsylvania

“I LOVE PIZZA! My first pies were good, I made three batches of dough and after 5 days of proofing I made them for my two kids, best friend and nephew. They and I were impressed. I've been in food service business for 17 yrs. NEVER the Pizza business though. I made dough at home from mixes that did not do half as well. Tonight, I watched the video again and realized that I had changed-up some of the procedures; what to add when, how long for this or that. And again my pies have been impressive. Last Friday night I made my own secret sauce and it was pretty good too.

Saturday night after the Mardi Gras parade most of my family (Large Family) and a few friends came back to my house for some poker and a few cocktails. About Eleven they were getting hungry AGAIN and I took out two batches of dough and made three pies. I was not prepared with topping and made one pepperoni and two with cheese. They were really complimentary on these pies. Being from Louisiana ALL the men cook as much, if not more than the Ladies. I have several men in my family that have/still are in the food service biz and it is ALWAYS a competition. Thanks to you, your video and of course the flour, I am in the lead on
Pizza Pies! I have ordered a Kitchen Aid food processor and am looking forward to making batches of dough with this (new to me) procedure. Once again, thanks for the video.”

"Your Knowledge Was A Very Important Step For Me And I Just Wanted To Say Thank You"

— Steve, West Virginia

“Well, I have tried your recipes for the dough and the sauce. I am very pleased with the results. This was not my first time making pizza dough but, it was my first time to make sauce. You are right in saying that you need to take it " low and slow.” My very first pizza from your recipe didn't look very good, but it did taste good. I used a bread maker and then muscle power. I'm not to fond of either one.

I went out this past weekend and purchased a Kitchen Aid mixer. What a big time saver. The dough turned out much better. I am very pleased with your CD that I bought and I would recommend it to anyone. It is well worth it. I am planning on opening a pizza restaurant this fall. I have made plans to go to the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas next month to learn and gain all the knowledge that I can. Opening a restaurant is something that I wanted to do for a very long time. Your knowledge was a very important step for me and I just wanted to say thank you.”

"I Appreciate The Wisdom You Poured Into It"

— Marcello, New York

“I am retired and looking for something to use up all this excess energy I have. I am in the process of researching the possibility of entering the pizza business. I have a great location in mind, and am looking up the costs of equipment, etc. Your book has been very helpful, as far as the process of making great quality pizza, and I appreciate the wisdom you poured into it.”

"The Best Pizza I Have Ever Tasted And On My Very First Attempt."

— Brad, U.S. Navy stationed in San Diego

“I made my first two pizzas from your instructions last night. One for me and one for the couple that live in the other half of my duplex. UNREAL!!! Cooking is my hobby and I am pretty good at it. But, I have never once been able to come up with a homemade pizza I was happy with. The pizzas I made last night were pepperoni, mushroom, black olives and Vidalia onions. It was beyond a doubt THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVER TASTED and on my very FIRST attempt.

I delivered the one for the neighbors and they were at my door less than two minutes later demanding to know how I did that! I took two left over pieces from mine into work today and gave them to a pizza freak who works in one of the local franchises and brings it in to reheat for lunch almost everyday and he refused to believe I made it myself. One comment he made was interesting: "What amazes me most is that this is pizza reheated the next day and it's STILL the best pizza I ever tasted!" So add my accolades to the many others you have received. Your pizza making course is absolutely everything you claim and THEN SOME!!! Thank you so much! Brad C., U.S. Navy stationed in San Diego.”

"I Gotta Tell You .. The Pizzas Were Fantastic"

— Ralph, Michigan

“Thanks Beverly for the email. I am a pretty experienced bread maker and have made many pizzas but your techniques are very different... sooo anyway.. I ordered the flour and did pretty much exactly as you showed on your dvd.. i gotta tell you .. the pizzas were FANTASTIC... I ate far, far too much but after a little wine and all... I got carried away. But they were memorable to say the least.. I made three: one with a cheese blend, one a white pizza, and a pepperoni and cheese.. All were most fantastic.. the crust was absolutely the best ever. Thanks for all... I look forward to making many more.”

"I've Lost Track Of How Many Types And Styles Of Pizzas I've Made To Date And Have Been Told They Just Keep Tasting Better And Better"

— Carol, Montana

“Ms. Collins,

To say my first pizza was awesome would not do it justice! I'd never made a pizza as beautiful in appearance and as great tasting than when I followed your methods in 'Pizzeria Secrets.' My only regret is no one was at home to see it come out of the oven (beside the cats and dog) and I didn't have a camera to take a picture of such a beautiful creation.

When my husband got home he would not believe I hadn't ordered a pizza and placed it on the counter to take credit for it, UNTIL he tasted it; then he knew it hadn't been ordered anywhere in our area. (Before our current house, we lived in an Italian neighborhood for over 10 years and the pizza was superb - not so in our new location. After 'pizzeria secrets' my husband said he'd put my pizzas up against any in the old neighborhood and knows mine would be the best. I take this as a great compliment since my husband is a certified chef!).

I've lost track of how many types and styles of pizzas I've made to date and have been told they just keep tasting better and better. Thank you for providing an item for purchase that is more than worth its price.”

"I Can't Say Enough Great Things About Your Instructions"

— Krista, California

“I've had your "Secrets From Inside..." for about 2 months now and my family and I are so pleased. We've done several make your own pizza nights using 8 inch individual pizza screens. My best success has come since receiving my FibraMent baking stone that you suggested. What a great crust! Crispy and chewy without any burned or charred
taste; way better than the overpriced, charred tasting, no flavor sauce, hardly any cheese pizza we had not long ago.

We have also tried "white pizza" with garlic and olive oil topped with mozzarella, asiago, and parmesan. Wow! We also tried to replicate a "Pizza Pot Pie" we saw on Food Network. It was great! The crust was chewy and well browned, and everything inside was hot and gooey. We loved it. I can't say enough great things about your instructions. Thanks so much.”

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